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Open Source Lexical Information Network

Welcome to the Open Source Lexical Information Network (OSLIN). OSLIN is an initiative to build available, large-scale, high-quality lexical resources for a variety of languages. The databases themselves are built by lexicographic teams with native expertise in these languages, and typically developed in the country/region where the language is spoken. The OSLIN database On the right or direct links to the website of available languages. More information about these languages can be found in the languages section, or on the sites for these languages themselves.

The OSLIN structure comes with a database design, an online interface for consultation, and an online administration system. The design of the database is modular, allowing new types of information to be added to the network. The system uses by default the same tools for all languages, but specific tools can also be designed for a specific language when so desired. These langauge dependent adaptation can include all three level of the project: language specific adaptations or additions to the online interface, additional database modules for a specific language, or additional administration tools for a specific language.